Orchard Thieves


The thieved apple tastes best

At least, that’s what we think. Our first cider was pressed from the finest variety of apples we could thieve to create our own distinct, refreshingly smooth cider. And although these days, we no longer thieve our apples, our cider still delivers that original, crisp apple taste.

We stole the best of cider crafting

Drawing on years of cider heritage, we’ve stolen the best of generations of cider crafting, to create our own distinct, refreshingly smooth drinking experience. A taste so effortlessly drinkable, it can be enjoyed from the first sip, the first aroma.

OrchardThieves_660ml Bottle

Orchard Thieves Light

Orchard Thieves Light, a refreshing alternative for shoppers and new news for the cider category. This light extension opens up new occasions and will recruit new shoppers for the Orchard Thieves brand and channel as shoppers become more conscious of calorie intake without compromising on taste or quality. Orchard Thieves Light taps into this insight by being 33% lower in calories vs. Orchard Thieves whilst maintaining a great taste.

Available in 500ml can and 660ml bottle in the Off Trade & pint bottle in the On Trade.



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