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Making Great Beer and Cider

Masters of Brewing

Our beers are brewed with great care, based on the same successful principles developed by our founder over 160 years ago and upheld by generations of our brewers ever since.


Heineken® and the vast majority of our beers around the world are made from three natural ingredients – water, malted barley, and hops. Together with yeast these ingredients are used in a centuries-old brewing process, to create high-quality beers enjoyed by our consumers. All of these ingredients are clearly identified on the packaging of our brands in the EU.


Barley is a cereal grown around the world, and the main raw material used in brewing beer. Before it is used for brewing, the barley grain is usually malted. Malting determines the colour of the beer, and influences the taste and aroma. Here in Ireland we use malted barley from Irish farmers.

barley 1-scaled



Hops are one of the flavour-makers of beer, also act as a natural preservative and help with foam stability. The female hop flower cones balance the sweetness of the barley with a refreshing bitterness. Hops usually come from the US, UK, France, Czech Republic and Germany. There are many different types which give a huge variety of flavours, and allow us to brew a variety of great tasting beers.


Water is an essential ingredient of beer. All water we use, is purified to ensure it reaches the required quality standard for use in the brewing process. Water is used in almost every step of the brewing process, therefore we take great care to ensure the quality is of the highest standard. We actively work in the communities that we're a part of to protect clean water supplies and are constantly looking to reduce the amount of water we use.




Yeast gives beer distinct flavours which is why yeast is often referred to as the ‘magic’ ingredient and is a brewer’s closely guarded secret. In 1886 in Amsterdam, Dr. Elion, a student of Dr. Louis Pasteur, discovered the famous Heineken® A-yeast, a strain that is still used today. Yeast is propagated in the brewery and added during the fermentation process to convert the sugars from the cereal grains into alcohol. It also gives beer its primary taste.


We are committed to brewing the best quality beers and ciders for consumers to enjoy safely.

HEINEKEN is committed to meeting the highest internationally-recognised standards of food ingredient safety and quality.

We take great care to ensure all our beers and ciders taste as they should do to satisfy consumers.

We have dedicated Brewers and Quality Teams that are responsible for delivering consistent high-quality products every day, everywhere, every glass.

We ensure all of our suppliers share our commitment to food safety, quality and sustainability and respect our values in their own business practices. We have processes in place to help this. All our suppliers, large and small, must comply with the HEINEKEN Supplier Code and agree to our Supplier Governance Procedure, to ensure they are using the right practices and behaving in a sustainable way.

We have achieved the following quality standards; ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and ISO 14001.