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HEINEKEN Ireland launches new Appleman’s® cider with innovative marketing campaign

Date:24th April 2018

A brand new cider, Appleman’s®, has arrived.  Developed by HEINEKEN Ireland, the company behind the successful Orchard Thieves cider launched three years ago, Appleman’s® will deliver more choice to Irish consumers in an otherwise limited cider landscape.   

Appleman’s® is a beautifully simple, perfectly balanced cider and is being launched with an ambitious marketing plan by HEINEKEN Ireland which includes a world first: outdoor advertising posters that are fully recyclable.

Emma-Jane McKeown, Senior Brand Manager of Appleman’s®, HEINEKEN Ireland, said: “Irish people expect, and deserve, choice – they have it in wine and in beer – why not in cider? Cider drinkers were starved of choice for years but now, with the launch of Appleman’s® and the growing popularity of Orchard Thieves, HEINEKEN Ireland is proud to be delivering real choice in cider. Globally, HEINEKEN is famous for producing some of the world’s most loved cider brands and we’ve applied this cider knowledge, passion and expertise to develop Appleman’s® – a beautifully simple and balanced cider – it’s like summer in a glass!”

Twice pressed, by fourth generation Cider Masters, this exciting new cider offers a true apple taste – not too sweet and not too dry. Specifically developed for Irish people’s taste preferences, and only available in Ireland, Appleman’s® is crafted using a handful of the best apples to produce a perfectly balanced, effortlessly refreshing cider.

Appleman’s® celebrates ‘The Joy In Simple’ and the brand is rooted in those simple, social occasions that offer the perfect balance of good friends, great conversation and great-tasting cider. Appleman’s® believes that, as is true of nature, and in cider making, things are just better when they are perfectly balanced.

The launch of Appleman’s® includes a major TV campaign which was developed by Irish agency Rothco.  HEINEKEN Ireland’s Emma Jane McKeown revealed that in a world first, Appleman’s® outdoor advertising is fully recyclable. 

Traditionally, outdoor ads are printed on paper and discarded, but we wanted to take inspiration from nature – making sure that paper goes back to benefit nature when it’s done its job. We’ve committed to recycling all of our outdoor posters by producing apple trays from them once they’ve finished their outdoor cycle. This is part of our wider commitment to seek balance in everything we do – from our marketing to our cider.”

Appleman’s® has an ABV of 4.5% and is available on draught, in 500ml cans and 568ml and 500ml bottle. Available in its distinctive, bright, premium green and gold packaging, with simple, refreshing apple cues, Appleman’s® is available exclusively in Ireland at all good bars and off-licences now. For more, check out www.applemanscider.ie

 Find Appleman’s® on Facebook: ApplemansciderIE and join the conversation using #JoyInSimple

 Enjoy Appleman’s® responsibly. Visit www.drinkaware.ie